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Dec 06 2011(no subject)
cnu | bright

was testing out my new heart glitter polish from the face shop ^__^
Nov 03 2011 - this is late
btob | ilhoonie
i did this like a month ago but never got around to posting. busy busy busy nursing student.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City, Pure Ice in Black Rage
the bow was made with black acrylic powder and a 3D mold
Sep 28 2011 - (6/6)
zico | b&w
so i've always been interested in these polish pens and if they really work as well as (or even better than) typical nail polish. lucky me, my sister was out shopping last week and saw Sally Hansen's Color Quick Nail Color Pen. not only that, but she found it in Gold Chrome (i'm a sucker for metallics/chromes)! so she bought it for me.

i tested it out yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. i don't know if i'd say i prefer this and like it better than a typical nail polish bottle and brush, but it definitely is easier and faster. the polish applied easily and dried extremely fast. i did two coats, but i think you could get away with only one and still have it look good. is it my favorite thing in the world? no. but it definitely is cool and very helpful if you've got to polish your nails quickly.

Sep 28 2011 - (5/6)

Love & Beauty in Taupe, Color Club in Take Me To Your Chateau
Sep 28 2011 - (4/6)
btob | ilhoonie

Brucci in Blue Sapphire, LA Girl RockStar in Overdose (ring finger), details done with LA Colors Art Deco in Silver Glitter and Color Club Art Club in White
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