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this journal is now SEMI FRIENDS ONLY

NAME: katie
AGE: twenty-one
LOCATION: new jersey, usa
OCCUPATION: full-time student

FAVOURITE GROUPS: B2ST, Big Bang, Block B, SISTAR, 2NE1, B1A4, BtoB, B.A.P, Dalmatian, Super Junior, Supreme Team, Mighty Mouth
FAVOURITE SOLOISTS: BoA, YounHa, K.Will, Alex Chu, SE7EN, Brian Joo, Kan Mi Yeon, CrownJ
BIASES (male): lee kikwang, the rest of beast (lol), zico, taeyang, CNU, woohyun, bang yong guk
BIASES (female): park bom, hyorin, sohyun, narsha

MUSIC: big time rush, backstreet boys, shakira, drake, kanye west, aziatix, baby rasta y gringo
OTHER FANDOMS: harry potter, entourage, downton abbey, gossip girl, glee, bollywood
HOBBIES: fangirling, nail art, reading, video games, dancing, cooking, twitter

it'd be nice to know how you found me & something we have in common
i'm pretty open to adding anyone, though any ghost journals will be blocked
Tags: intro post

  • (no subject)

    simplified lolita mani. i love those bows.

  • (no subject)

    similar to the previous mani but switched up which glitter polish i used.

  • (no subject)

    was testing out my new heart glitter polish from the face shop ^__^

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