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this can't be much of a shock bc i haven't been actively posting for months now ;; so i've decided to officially state that this journal is on a hiatus.

this has been one of the busiest years of my life; between classes, work, clinicals, and just real life in general i no longer can find the time to post here on livejournal. which is a shame because i do enjoy it. in the past though i've had these months of dry spells so i'm sure i'll be back eventually. but for now, i won't be posting at all. i will still be using this journal for commenting purposes however! and you will still find me active on communities.

if you wish to keep in touch (plz do ;;) feel free to follow either my twitter or tumblr

and if you wish to delete me from your flist, i completely understand. though i will be sad :(
Tags: hiatus, irl

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    simplified lolita mani. i love those bows.

  • (no subject)

    similar to the previous mani but switched up which glitter polish i used.

  • (no subject)

    was testing out my new heart glitter polish from the face shop ^__^

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